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Developing a new pattern for Cross Body Bag

Working with multiple strands of #10 crochet cotton, and other similar threads or thin yarns fascinates me.  A variety of tweeds and blends can be achieved.

Confession...I have crochet thread that is 40 or more years old.  So, I've decided to design bags and purses with multiple strands of cotton thread.  When working with multiple strands, a larger hook can be used, and the weight and density of the crochet fabric can be tight and dense, or loose and drapey. 

The construction of this purse is spiral rounds, which eliminates any seams.  This method also allows for creativity with color changes and bands of decorative stitches.  
One decorative stitch I keep coming back to is spike stitches.  Spike stitch elongates a stitch to reach down and over previously worked rows, and results in interesting textural and color contrast. 

So here it is.  I will be testing my pattern to work the bugs out. I'm picky, so I will work my written pattern three times to insure that I can work it from the written instructions before considering it completed.

I used two strands, ecru and black, held together for the main color of the purse.  I dropped the black and used ecru and rainbow held together for the color bands.  The bands alternate, so the black and ecru spike stitches lay over the rainbow bands, and the rainbow spike stitches lay over the black and ecru bands. the cord is a crochet I-cord using two hooks.  It is sturdy and has a soft rope like feel to it. The purse is worked in half double crochet. On on one side is an opening for an outer key pocket.  The top edge and key pocket edge are reinforced and finished with slip stitch. I will line it with cotton fabric to make it durable and functional.


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