Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome! Celebrating first Post


I love crochet, do you?  I started out at age 5 when my grandmother taught me to make Granny Squares from an Aunt Lydia's rug kit.  The colors were cocoa brown, bright pink and white.  From then on, I've taught myself to crochet, tackling all sorts of patterns, and being curious about experimenting. Asking myself what will happen if I combine stitches in different ways.  

Now I've completed the Level I CIP certified instructor course, and am enjoying the confirmation of my skills. To celebrate, I've just finished my first pattern post to Ravelry and am posting the pattern here.   

Any Size Cellphone or Tablet Cozy

Crochet by Wildfingers Crochet
Stitches, Abbreviations & Techniques Used
ch (chain stitch) sc (single crochet)
sl st (slip stitch) yo (yarn over)
Technique Notes
  • The cozy is worked in a spiral, rounds are not joined.
  • At the color change alternating regular, and long sc are worked 2 rows below to create spikes of color.
Worsted weight acrylic yarn, 2 colors, MC main color, AC accent color
One button, ¾ to 1 inch
Size G crochet hook
Stitch marker
Yarn needle
Large needle that will fit through button holes
Gauge does not determine size, work evenly, the size G hook will result in a firm sturdy fabric. Size is customized to fit any cell phone or tablet.

Custom sizing
Using MC, make a chain and wrap it around your phone, check for fit. Keeping the last chain on the hook, insert the hook into the first chain to hold the ends together. Slide your phone into the chained ring to check the fit, not too tight not too loose. Add, or pull out ch sts as needed to get the fit just right, recheck as needed. Count the number of chain stitches. Make sure you have an even number of sts. #sts______
Join with sl st to first st of chain to form a ring.
Round 1: sc in same ch as sl st, sc in each chain around. Place a stitch marker in last sc. Count sc, making sure the count is the same as the number of ch sts in the starting ring you made a note of above. DO NOT JOIN.
Round 2: sc in each sc of previous round. Move stitch marker to last sc of every round..
Repeat round 2 until the length is about 2/3rds of the length of your phone. Cut yarn leaving a 6” tail. Using a whip stitch sew the bottom seam closed.
Change colors: Change to AC,
First AC round sc spikes: *sc in first sc of previous round, sc in sc two rows below next sc, pull up loop to the same height as regular sc, yo pull through, and complete sc*. Repeat between * to complete the round alternating length of sc making color spikes all around.
Second AC round, and remaining rounds: Repeat round 2, till the cozy is proper length for your phone. Slide phone in to check it.
Edging and loop: Flatten the cozy so you can identify the front and back, sl st in each sc around to center back of cozy, ch 15, sl st in same sc as last sl st to anchor loop, sl st in remaining sc in round. Fasten off yarn.
Finishing: Weave in yarn ends. Position button, check for fit with loop and sew in place.